Peyton Pelluer turned down Alabama offer to stay in Pullman for sixth year

College football may stand alone as the last true stronghold for team sports. A game where the parts do not equal the whole.

However, sports in America have become the secular religion, and many leagues – particularly the NBA and NFL – are star driven businesses. Players become icons as the name embroidered on the back of the jersey surpasses that of the team name written across the front.

When asked of transfer offers, Washington State linebacker Peyton Pelluer said, “Yes, Alabama offered me to go over there this last summer.”

Loyalty has become a piece of the past. And with the precedent set before him, why would Pelluer stay in the Palouse with Tuscaloosa calling?

The answer is simple: Peyton Pelluer loves Washington State and football – probably in that order.

“I wanted to finish what I started here,” said Pelluer to the press following Eastern Washington. “I decided to stay. This is where I want to be”

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