Mike Leach talks Stanford, David Shaw and fantasy football

Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach met with the media Monday for his weekly press conference discussing the ensuing road trip at Stanford.

“They’re defensive front has always been the toughest part, and I’m kind of curious to see how they are this year,” Leach said. “Offensively, I think traditionally their [offensive line] is pretty good. Now Stanford has kind of changed their style of play. They’re throwing it a bunch now.”

The Pirate, remaining focused as always, cited Stanford David Shaw as a “nice guy” who has sustained a lethal Cardinal program. He compared the Stanford defense to a new set of jumper cables and implied anticipation of a real battle on the Farm.

On a more humorous note, Leach went on one of his trademark tangents. Today’s topic of choice – fantasy football.

“Anything that brings volumes of people together and allows them to enjoy each other’s time or company is good,” Leach said. “Despite that fact that I don’t even know the rules of it and couldn’t begin to describe it to you in a general way, I think it’s really good. but I also think it’s like anything – it could be obsessive.”

Perhaps the timing is just a tad off as the head coach says he once retained a plethora of diverse sports knowledge from trivial procrastination habits in law school. He says coaching results in knowledge of only his team and those he plays against.

“I was kind of an expert on it then to be perfectly honest, and I haven’t really been since,” Leach said.

However, the head coach sounded rather confident when saying he could “break .500.”

The entirety of Coach Leach’s press conference can be found here:

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