“Welcome to the coldest stadium in the Pac-12 North”

Is this a one week affair or an effort at rebranding the home of a 12-game win streak? Only time will tell.

A place where regional charm and pride shines its brightest, a college football stadium is rivaled only by a professional boxer and his brand.

For years Martin Stadium – home of the Washington State Cougars and a 12-game win streak – has garnered endearment by fans and respect by foe. And while many haven’t been able to put their finger on it, an integral ingredient has been missing for quite some time. 

From Iowa’s pink visiting locker room to the march past LSU’s caged 300-pound tiger, stadiums and programs have been branded by their outlandish efforts to get inside the oppositions head. It seems the coaching staff at Washington State has taken notice planting this gem in the visiting team’s tunnel Friday.


When the Wildcats prepare to hit Martin at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, they will be greeted and reminded of the frigid conditions. Coming from a sunny 75 degrees in Tuscon, the below freezing forecast is expected to play a factor.

Martin doesn’t border a lake, isn’t named after a famous alumni, and doesn’t evoke tradition old as time. Call it a gimmick, mind games, or even and edge, but the tagline holds true.

Considering Wazzu’s position and the “Pac-12 After Dark” time slot, Arizona points toward a trap game. Assuming the sign is an effort to flip the script, it bleeds an old-school and blue-collar mentality – just the way we like it on the Palouse.

The sign isn’t likely to make a weekly appearance come fall of 2019 amid cloudless September kickoffs; though, it could certainly add a bit of flavor come crucial November match ups much like Saturday and the ensuing Apple Cup.

As for Saturday’s hosting of the Wildcats, Washington State has the opportunity to post their first 10-win regular season since the 2002 Rose Bowl campaign.

Live coverage of the action can be found on ESPN.

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