When will WSU football bring their all-time record back to .500?

At the current pace, it will happen early as next season!

It’s hard to imagine a program that’s gone 37-15 in the past 4 season – fresh of a thrilling 11–2 campaign – has been running a deficit in regard to the win column.

It’s not a topic of discussion on the forefront of Leach’s mind. He never set out to tackle this monster directly, but he will certainly play a role in it’s demise. Washington State is currently three games in the hole (550-553-45) with their head coach running an annual surplus of 5.75 since finding his footing back in 2015.

If Leach’s track-record has taught us anything, it’s that 8 wins are somewhere to be found on any schedule. He’s met or exceeded that benchmark in each of the past four seasons. It’s a standard fans can begin to expect as it doesn’t look like Leach plans on pumping the brakes anytime soon.

“At least probably until next year – for the time being – you can be very proud of the distinction that during the time you played here, you were on the winningest team in history.”

Mike Leach

No matter how the 2019 season pans out, getting Washington State back in the black is indictive of a larger level of success – correcting the faults of those who came before you.

Not a bad narrative to follow up the most opulent season in school history.

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