Gubrud and Gordon go at it for first-team reps

Gordgon gets his first reps, while Gubrud sees his second in as may days.

LEWISTON – Recording his second chance at first-team reps in as many days, graduate transfer Gage Gubrud duked it out with redshirt senior Anthony Gordon from the shotgun.

It remains a three-man race, though Leach is limiting reps to only two signal callers a day.


Gordon, recording his inaugural first-team reps of fall camp, ended both series at a cumulative 13-20 clip. His outing – most aptly described as spotty – targeted six receivers beyond ten yards completing half of them.

The defensive secondary rose to the occasions by committee with freshman Armauni Archie, redshirt sophomore Chad Davis Jr., and nickleback Skyler Thomas breaking up passes and potential gains.

“I thought it was good play all around,” Mike Leach said. “I though the defense played better in [skeleton drill], and I though offensively we moved the ball well in [11-on-11].”

Gubrud kept the cornerbacks at bay as no white jerseys tallied breakups in his series. Despite of a bad snap and a rare Rodrick Fisher drop, the gunslinger ended at a favorable 16-20 completion figure.


In the full-team series, traditionally practice’s final drill, Gubrud and Gordon each drove the length of the field in 18 snaps.

Gordon completed seven of ten attempts – avoiding negative plays via three scrambles – and found the end zone on a five-yard out to Easop Winston Jr. Gordon’s last attempt was a similar play for Kassidy Woods, but it appeared the redshirt freshman couldn’t hold one.

Gordon, like any mortal, made his share of mistakes tossing an interception to cornerback Daniel Isom. Gordon said he checked to a different play and didn’t see the safety roll into the middle of the field.

“I thought his check was fine but he shouldn’t have forced the ball to the post,” Leach said before suggesting Gordon move to his next read.

Gubrud ended his series 7-13 with a trio of touchdown calls. An explosive Calvin Jackson Jr. tunnel screen got on the score board and evidently opened the floodgates to Gubrud’s confidence as his next two attempts also broke the goal line.

Extending both plays with his feet, Gubrud left the pocket to find Dez Patmon in the back of the end zone and later Winston Jr; a play the defense protested.

Winston Jr. confirmed with the media he scored before joking, “You know the defense, they never want to give us anything. It’s all competition.”

Leach acknowledged both quarterbacks to the media but specifically cited Gubrud effectively working the scramble drill.

Lastly, cornerback Derrick Langford and safety Tyrese Ross recorded pass breakups while Will Rodgers III batted down a screen pass at the line of scrimmage.

After seeing all three candidates through two dates, does any have an edge? Short answer, no. And even with today’s small head-to-head sample size, it essentially comes out to a wash.

Leach has four weeks to sort this out, and just like last fall, expect him to use all of it. Fall Camp is a marathon, not a sprint.

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