Scalding hot practice ends with a bang

LEWISTON – On the five yard line, Gage Gubrud zipped a missile across the goal line only for junior college transfer Derrick Langford to deny Dez Patmon. It was the final play of the day and resulted in another defensive ‘win’ during team period via crunch-time heroics.

The controversial play sparked back-and-fourth banter before a minor scuffle broke out between unidentified players. Nothing major in the macro as these things are to be expected – and sometimes encouraged to a degree – in Fall Camp keeping energy high.

Defensive lineman Lamonte McDougle left the sideline to face the altercation and was reprimanded for the potential penalty. He would settle the score by running a few sprints.

The offense had their fair share of payoff as well. In 7-on-7 drills, the staff seemed displeased with their performance, whether that be effort or execution. After losing the series, all red-jersey players took their medicine in up-downs as punishment.

The 103 degree weather wasn’t good to many, but it seemed the two repping quarterbacks – Trey Tinsley and Gubrud – made use of it.


Tinsley’s series started slow, before he connected on five straight. His unofficial stat line ended at 7-13 with an explosive on-the-run touchdown connection to Travell Harris’ post route.

Tinsley got away with a pair of sloppy throws as well though one came by virtue of a ‘free play’ – so it’s hard to fault him there. Linebacker Dillon Sherman got his mitts on both but failed to reel in either.

Former Notre Dame halfback Deon McIntosh got three touches in the series and scored on a five-yard draw.

Marching the opposite way, Gubrud fired right back syncing up 8-15 and a pair of scores. Keep in mind, a potential Tyrese Ross pass interference didn’t help the signal caller any.

Stepping up in a collapsing pocket to deliver a 60-yard dime to Renard Bell would be the graduate transfers biggest highlight.

He later tagged Patmon with a right rear pylon fade, while Chad Davis Jr. broke up a Calvin Jackson Jr. crossing route the following snap.

Heading into the next and final rep, Gubrud ran the same exact play to Jackson Jr. This time, the receiver was hit right in his numbers for a redeeming touchdown. And while the team period scoring system remains unclear, Jackson Jr.’s catch balanced the scale.

Gubrud got two more reps as result and failed to execute on either – at least not with the JuCo tranfers Daniel Isom and Langford on watch.

Willie Taylor III notably recorded the only team-period sack in Gubrud’s eighth dropback.

Edge: Through four days, half of the battles behind center have been a wash with no clear winner. Tinsley may have gotten the best of Anthony Gordon yesterday by a slight margin, but Gurud holds that honor today.

With similar completion rates for the sample size, Tinsley’s near interceptions are the only thing that appeared to separate the two. They both showed ability to be explosive and extend plays with their feet.

Special Teams

Returning placekicker Blake Mazza has competition in highly touted freshman Dean Janikowski. However, the buried lead resides in local Camas product Andrew Boyle. He was a machine from roughly 35 yards out and had plenty of leg for more.

Additionally, the unit prepared to lose its holder in the event Tinsley wins the starting quarterback battle. Punter Oscar Draguicevich III and placekicker Johan Zetterberg are taking reps to fill the role.

Dark Horse Defenders

If the secret isn’t out yet in your neck of the woods, Washington State has some serious JuCo talent on the defensive side of the ball.

Lanford, defensive back Daniel Isom, and safety Bryce Beekman are for real. All standing between six and six-foot-three, they have the length last year’s unit was missing.

Make no mistakes, you will hear Glenn Johnson call their name over the PA in Martin Stadium.

Due to player and coaches participating in a post-practice team activity, there was no media avalibility.

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