Jacksonville Jaguars looking to move Nick Foles, start Gardner Minshew II

It may have taken too long but the Jacksonville Jaguars have finally figured out that Gardner Minshew is their guy. According to ESPN, the Jaguars have decided to pull the plug on their $88 million dollar quarterback and move forward with Gardner Minshew under center.

Nick Foles will now be the main topic of discussion for the Jaguars as they plan to move on and trade him after playing just four games in teal and gold, but enough about Nick Foles. This is Minshew’s moment and it’s incredible what’s coming his way so early in his career.

The keys to the franchise in Jacksonville have been placed in his hands and it’s time to watch him put the offense in drive. Minshew is building on an electric rookie season in which he had a record of 6-6 as a starter and threw 21 touchdowns, and was also robbed of the rookie of the year award. That’s a story for another time, though.

He’s an incredible athlete but also plays a major impact off the field. He’s a budding superstar from a marketing standpoint and has become a fan favorite. According to the National Football League Players Association website, Minshew’s jersey finished 42nd amongst the entire league in jersey sales. Meaning fans were buying his jersey while there was still a quarterback controversy in play.

Imagine the eruption when the mystical mustached man starts winning games for Jacksonville and everyone knows his spot is solidified. His fan base will only grow and trust me I’ve witnessed the powers of Minshew first hand. He came into Pullman as a nobody and left a legend in a matter of 13 games. He had the entire city with hair under their noses and even had girls attempting to grow mustaches as well.

Minshew is the man for the job and the Jaguars are moving in the right direction by naming him the starter as soon as possible. Gardner Minshew is a winner. He led the Cougars to their most lucrative season in school history in his only season in the program. Expect Minshew to take this opportunity and run with it. The mustache will be everywhere and so will his jersey.

And, what does this mean for all of us? We all just became die-hard Jacksonville Jaguar fans so get your Gardner Minshew jersey ASAP.

 (Photos by: Jack Ellis – Cougar Sports Network)

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