Head Football Coach Nick Rolovich Talks Coug Football with Matt Chazanow

It must be a very odd, yet difficult time for first-year head coach Nick Rolovich, as the world is in a temporary pause. On Friday, he and play-by-play announcer Matt Chazanow virtually caught up and talked about what’s ahead for Washington State football.

A little over a week ago, redshirt senior defensive back Bryce Beekman passed away, shocking the WSU community. Rolovich explained that it was difficult to tell his staff and players the news, especially not being face-to-face.

Personally, Rolovich said that he likes a little bit of chaos and pressure. He and his staff are adapting to the temporary virtual life. When asked about how they’re moving forward as a staff and a team, his response was this:

“We are using this time to get better as best as we can, and not feeling sorry for ourselves, or moping around, or worrying about things that we can’t control,” Rolovich said.

Rolovich also touched on how he and his staff are controlling how they engage with the players, and the recruiting process, without losing a stride.

When the team has their virtual film sessions, they’ll go over the offense with film from Hawaii, and then they will get ahead on some opponent scouting. WSU starts of their season on the road at Utah State, and then play their remaining two non-conference games at home before Pac-12 play begins.

Even though the staff isn’t able to collaborate in-person, Rolovich believes that they have gotten a good head start on the bonding process. WSU has picked up coaches from several different places including Hawaii and Wyoming. He says that it has been pretty seamless as far the mixing of the staffs so far. He did state one concern he has regarding the upcoming season.

“One of the high concerns of mine is are we going to have these guys physically ready to handle a 12-game season in time.”

Towards the end of the discussion, Rolovich explained that Pullman has welcomed him to where he fits perfectly. He is looking forward to receiving the green light and start running things like normal again.

“I really enjoy being a part of the Cougar family. I like the values that this town, this community and Cougar Nation lives by. I think in a time like this, those are the people that you want to be surrounded with,” he said.

Rolovich has made his positive presence known around Pullman since he has been here so far. I think us as fans respect what he has already done and are eager to see what he brings to the table out on the football field.

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