The E-Sports Showdown of 2020 was Fun for Everyone, Except Jamire Calvin

If you do not know what this e-sports showdown is, it was the Battle of the Palouse. The Battle of the Palouse is a capstone event that was put on by a group of sport management students on November 3rd to benefit Team Gleason. It consists of having a player from each team (Jamire Calvin WSU and Rahsaan Crawford UI) play against each other using updated rosters, so it gives us the first look at having De Laura playing QB. A very cool event to watch, especially having Nick Rolovich and Paul Petrino taking questions and commenting on the game. A great job to all of those involved and shout out to the WSU sport management department.

After hearing DL Rahsaan Crawford’s introduction, I had nothing but respect for the redshirt senior’s accomplishments. Then after watching him really do that to Calvin, I think we should all have respect for his talents on the sticks.

You would think that each team would find who is the best at NCAA or Madden and go with them, but apparently Rolovich must have just drawn names out of a hat, and in that hat was the worst gamers in Pullman.

In the last two minutes, game 45-7 Vandals, the Cougs ran it with Max Borghi and threw few short passes for not much gain and drained the clock to 1:28. It came to a 4th and 4 play on their own 42 yard line and Calvin goes for it with a 7 yard pass to…Jamire Calvin. What immediately followed was a comment from the moderator about using that play for something to build off for practice and Rolovich responds with “I think he’s just trying to pad his stats.” Following going for it on 4th, Calvin scrambles with De Laura out to the right due to tight man coverage by the Vandals and gets trucked out of bounds (not ideal if you’re down by 38 points). He then decides he should probably run the play WSU knows best, the deep ball. De Laura throws a 37-yard bomb to Calvin Jackson Jr. to bring the Cougs into the red zone. Okay, great play set up to salvage a last minute effort to score within the 20, which is something I know our team can do.

But nope. A horrible decision to throw to Jackson Jr. out on the left sideline leads to a pick by redshirt junior, Wyryor Noil, and the fourth turnover of the game.

Although it is a virtual game and it really depends on the skill level of the person playing, I was really hoping that WSU was going to pull this one out and absolutely smack the Vandals, with our updated rosters but all that I really saw was Jamire Calvin get embarrassed by Rahsaan Crawford.

I am not worried for our team after watching that game though. As I continuously say, I know Jayden de Laura is going to be a menace on the field. I was thoroughly excited to watch him tear down Oregon State this past Saturday.

And as they say, onto the next.

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