BLOG: The Pac-12’s Inability to Plan

As you may have heard from a multitude of sources, the WSU at Stanford game planned for Nov. 21 has been canceled, along with five other Pac-12 games thus far into the season.

Yes, @cougzzzz, that would be cool.

It seems to me – and every other fan of the PAC-12 – the conference as an organization has absolutely no idea what they are doing. And for a commissioner making over 5 million a year, his crew is worse at planning than the writers of all the “Hangover” movies.

Larry Scott seems like the person that tells you he only filled out the “C” bubble on a Scantron test of his final because he’s “gonna be super rich” from his executive dad getting him a job at ESPN.

Alright Ryan, take a deep breath and squeeze your stress ball.

Aside from that, as much as I want to see the Cougs take on Stanford and get their 5th win in a row, I understand COVID-19 protocols are strict – and for a good reason. Player health and safety should be number one, even when talking about one of the most detrimental sports for your physical and mental health.

After doing a bit of research on the Pac-12 COVID guidelines, it made me hopeful for Jayden de Laura to be back for the Apple Cup next week because of the minimum 10 day isolation period after the positive antigen test is confirmed by a PCR test or from what I read “until all symptoms have resolved“. If de Laura played for Alabama or was named Nick Saban he would’ve probably gotten the okay to play already, but sadly, we are not the SEC.

All the precautions I was reading definitely seemed like the Pac-12 was doing the right thing about player safety and sticking to their original plans. I found several articles of all the false positives with Stanford and Oregon that led to some key players being left at home, which is aligning with the Pac-12’s plan of “better be safe than sorry”. Stick-to-itiveness is a trait I would consider to be very important in hard-working, driven individuals. This is what the Pac-12 seemed to be getting close to doing.

Almost like they were starting to get it figured out? Not a chance…

If you have seen the CSN Rundown that was posted this morning, you may have caught the tail-end when we discussed the possibility of the Pac-12 allowing non-conference games to be played. I would love to see WSU take on the University of Idaho and humiliate them in the Kibbie Dome, but it just does not make sense. At the time we recorded the Rundown, it was still a possibility that seemed to be off-brand for the stats and data driven Pac-12, but now it is looking to be the way they will go.

According to The Associated Press released that non-conference scheduling has been approved by the conference. Why is this coming now? After the Pac-12 took so long to schedule a makeshift, seven game schedule that only included in-conference games, you would think that they would not even consider such a thing. My guess is that they have the same creative inability as the front office Washington Football Team.

A few things come to mind when I attempt to find the reasoning why the Pac-12 would make this change all of a sudden. Money is over anything even when you are the lowest revenue Power-5 conference. You can’t make money if you don’t play any games. These non-conference games would provide the Pac-12 the ability to make some money and try to show the other conferences that they too are a “top-tier conference”. Yes, playing out of conference for the west coast would mean playing less-than-average teams and likely more games ending in W’s which will boost records and in-turn, viewership.

It’s a foolproof plan. The SEC does it every year.

I want to see Cougar Football, but I’m tired of the Pac-12 being the misfit of the Power-5 – especially when they have very little to show. If you say you’re going to be all about player safety, then do it. And if you don’t care, then rename yourself to the SEC.

Just pick one already.

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