BLOG: The Cougs won… but it didn’t feel like it

If you weren’t able to catch last nights men’s Cougar Basketball game, do not worry, it was everything short of special. The most exciting part of the game was when the second half ended and we somehow had more points than Texas Southern. Turnovers and poor shot selection – for both sides – were dominant themes.

Isaac Bonton, our senior point guard who is attempting to fill the void of CJ Elleby, struggled tough last night. Shooting 7-for-25 from the field, 3-for-14 from the three, and having seven turnovers is a less than ideal night.

I get it. First game back you have to work out the kinks and knock the rust off, but shooting 28% from the field and 17.9% from the three and having 16 turnovers as a team are not the numbers Coach Kyle Smith was talking about when he said “Nerdball.”

Although I can be pessimistic in a lot of my articles, I will say that I do believe that this team can be something great, I just did not see it last night. The Pac-12 rankings don’t believe in us like usual, so lets show them what we can be. But the only way we can do that is if we come up with a better game plan than having Bonton either take a heavily contested three or drive to the hoop to pull a foul every time. Actually, I guess pulling fouls work pretty well, I mean James Harden made a career out of it.

But in all seriousness, I think that Bonton, Noah Williams, Jazz Kunc, DJ Rodman, and Freshman Center Efe Abogidi could be a contending Pac-12. lineup I kept telling people before last night how excited I was to see these guys obliterate Texas Southern, because I truly do believe in the talent that these guys carry. The glimpses of hope that I occasionally saw, especially on the defense, made me wish I could be in Beasley cheering them on.

Also, not sure if anyone else caught the what the announcers said every time the camera was on Kyle Smith but, “Coach Smith is a numbers guy”. So I believe he will find a solution for what we saw last night and I know our guys will be able to keep defending our national title from last year.

  (Photos by: Bob Hubner – WSU Athletics)


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