College GameDay’s Desmond Howard hasn’t yet caught the bug

Desmond Howard spoke with the media Friday afternoon to talk all things Ol’ Crimson and college football. Unfortunately, Howard found the former of which less interesting than the crimson media.

“After three hours of live TV, that’s the last thing on my mind is that Washington State flag,” Howard said. “But it’s great for you guys though.”

Likewise, the Super Bowl XXXI MVP found the Palouse’s iconic rolling landscape dreary.

“It’s nothing exciting,” Howard chuckled before describing his series of layovers between Florida and Spokane. “The drive was uneventful.”

The opposite can be said for what the former Heisman Trophy winner predicts of Saturday’s matchup. Expecting “fireworks” via two high octane offenses, Howard ultimately believes a victor will slip away in crunch time

“I think late in the game, it’s going to come down to who can get a defensive stop or who turns the ball over. That’s normally what a game like this comes down to,” Howard said. “It’s going to be a very exciting matchup.”

To Howard’s credit, his positivity did leak into other avenues. Proceeding to praise Pullman’s October weather and the community’s friendlessness, he found Wednesday’s greeting of the production crew thrilling.

“We knew that the people here would be very excited to have us. The way they responded to just the bus rolling into town was pretty impressive,” he said.

The entirety of Howard’s interview can be found here:


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