“Competitive but sloppy,” says Leach

LEWISTON – Not a noise but footsteps before Kassidy Woods dropped the ball sparking an eruption form the defensive sideline.

Redshirt freshman Tyrese Ross exploded out of his safety position and into Woods’ shoulder after sniffing out the route underneath. Defensive Coordinator Tracy Claeys would give his young safety a good chewing for the shot at his teammate – but that’s just football.

In 106 degree weather, lessened only by a slightly shorter practice and a brief overcast, Washington State hit the field for their last full day across the border.

Anthony Gordon and Trey Tinsley took first-team reps while Gage Gubrud got a breather for the day.

Mike Leach called the evening “competitive but sloppy” on both sides of the ball when speaking to the media after practcie.


Tinsley arguably had his worst team series of the year completing 8-15 passes. His last rep found the end zone to Travell Harris against the second-team defense.

Tinsley took five reps against the first-team defense in the red zone. He completed a pair to Easop Winston Jr. but failed to find the end zone. Derrick Langford notably fended off a fade to Dez Patmon and a cross to Brandon Arconado.

“I thought [Tinsley] did quite a few good things,” Leach said. “But I think in general we weren’t in perfect synch or anything.”

Anthony Gordon held a similar line marked unofficially at 8-14. Against the first-team defense, he put three of his last four attempts across the goal line to Arconado and a pair to Winston Jr.

Gordon was sacked by Nnamdi Oguayo and later George Hicks III, but recorded a redeeming touchdown with his legs in repsonse.

After the series, Leach wanted two extra reps from the five-yard line to break a close score. The defense needed both to fall incomplete for a comeback victory; however, Winston Jr.’s score deflated the comeback on the second snap.

This gave Gordon more snaps in team series, but don’t read into it. Leach says it was strictly because the score was close.

Edge: Gordon’s interceptions seem to be weighing him down, and today was his first blemish-free outing. He didn’t complete passes at a rate consistent with previous performances in camp, but neither did Tinsley.

Bottom line, three scores are better than one. Gordon gets the win.


  • Pads and shorts were worn today, potentially a response to excessive heat.
  • Veteran defensive lineman Will Rodgers III took freshman Nicholas Sheets aside between drills to explain certain concepts. A great example of WSU’s democratic leadership style that Roc Bellantoni reinforced in his post-practice interview.
  • Derrick Langford took first-team reps in skeleton today – and again in team period – while George Hicks III resided with the two’s.
  • Calvin Jackson Jr. and Tay Martin both scored on both red-zone targets in one-on-ones. The pair is battling for the starting X-receiver spot. Leach gave Jackson Jr. an edge at the start of camp and today suggested the same sentiment calling him “more consistent.”
  • Johan Zetterburg and Dean Janikowski performed kickoff duties in special teams drills. Both got hang time and put the ball into the end zone.
  • Safety Daniel Isom took reps with the first-team defense and floated into third-team for extra snaps.

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