FBS football: it’s a whole new game for Gubrud, and at the same time not

LEWISTON – It’s hard to believe Gage Gubrud avoided the media for all of spring football upon his graduation transfer to Washington State. An impressive streak that now has come to an end.

The Eastern Washington graduate transfer torched the Cougars back in 2017 behind 474 yards and 6 trips to the end zone. Gubrud, now the second consecutive transfer bidding a spot behind center, appears to be fitting in well.

“We’re all competing for the same job,” Gubrud said of his quarterback battle between Trey Tinsley and Anthony Gordon. “We’re all rooting for each other and want what’s best for the team. We know whoever’s best is gonna play.”

Like Gardner Minshew II before him, Gubrud is well received by his new teammates who have helped the newcomer learn the offense to the best of his ability.

But that isn’t the only benefit of Gubrud’s switch from the lower FCS ranks to Power Five FBS football.

“You got all the resources you need to be successful here. At a FCS-level school, you’re lacking the money to be able to provide all the stuff players could use to benefit themselves to the fullest,” Gubrud said.

Of these benefits, the quarterback quickly cited the food as chief among them. EWU athletes are on a general student meal plan while WSU hooks their team up with a chef catering to nutrition plans for whatever players are trying to do physically.

As for putting those benefits to work on the field, it’s still a process.

“It’s not that it’s a slow game at the FCS level, but everyday it’s just a little faster and guys are one step quicker. I got to be sharper with my reads,” Gubrud said.

Gubrud threw an interception the first day of camp during team series but wised up and hasn’t done it since. In his four 11-on-11 series, he’s completed 32-54 for 6 scores.

He’s notably shown an uncanny ability to escape pressure and extend plays with his feet, but don’t get it twisted – Gubrud is a quarterback who can run, not a running quarterback. And while that may remind fans and alumni of a certain somebody’s mustache, Gubrud is the author of his won story.

“I’m not Gardner. I don’t lead the same way as Gardner, and I don’t throw the ball the same way as Gardner. Gardner’s a great quarterback, but we go about things differently,” Gubrud said. “The media puts a lot on that. We’re all different people and nothing we did last year as a team matters for the team this year.”

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