Has This Guy Ever Watched the Natty?

My typical morning for the last two weeks has consisted of waking up, making breakfast, coffee, and then scrolling through all the constant bad news for college sports. Today, as I was trying to find some topics for the CSN Rundown, I saw a USA Today article with a title I found so ridiculous I could not wait to talk about it. It was titled, “Can the College Football Playoff go forward without Big Ten and Pac-12?” All I could think about is how can someone that has a job covering football forget that SEC and ACC run the country?

If he would like to know, the Big Ten and Pac-12 have combined for ONLY four national titles in the last 20 years, and USC had to cheat to get one of those.

I understand that logistically, the format is messed up and will need to be adjusted, but it is not like it was going to affect the outcome.

I love my Cougs and I even started to tear up watching the “until we meet again” video on twitter this morning, but I am not going to act like we are getting robbed of a Natty by postponing the season.

Just as I have said on other articles, I am not an expert, so I just give my opinion and if someone disagrees, then that is theirs. But if you are considered an expert on college football for a news site, a quick google history lesson on the previous national champions will help you actually look like one.

(Photos by: Jack Ellis – Cougar Sports Network)

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