It’s a Major Bummer of a Day for Cougar Football.

As current Cougs are moving back to Pullman or preparing for their Zoom semester at home, many of us were holding on to the slim chance there was for a football season. But as of about 1:00pm, the Pac-12 has officially postponed the season.

As sad as it is for many of us, it is probably the safer option. Although caring for players and Larry Scott are not commonly used in the same sentence, it seems to be one of the first occasions.

I for one was very excited and had high hopes to see Jayden de Laura lead our Cougs to victory this season, but I guess it will just have to wait until the spring. The Pac-12 did say it could be any time after January 1st, 2021 so I am assuming they just want 2020 to be over as badly as the rest of us do.

Maybe the SEC and ACC could still play and provide some entertainment to the country. Apparently the ACC still thinks they can provide safe enough conditions for their athletes but are still allowing players to opt-out if they want. It may end up being too difficult to continue play safely, so if the SEC and ACC decide to follow Big10 and Pac-12, at least we might have the NFL to fill the empty feeling of no college football.

(Photos by: Jack Ellis – Cougar Sports Network)

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