The Way Too Early Jayden de Laura Fan Club

This was written just a couple days before the PAC-12 decided to postpone the football season until Spring. Now it will be a depressing fall and last semester for me at WSU, but everything below still stands.

I am not sure what is a better feeling. The fact that we have two quarterbacks listed on top QB fantasy list or the fact that both Jayden de Laura (Fr) and Cammon Cooper (rSo) both came in before a single UW quarterback. De Laura was placed at #46 and Cooper at #86. Although WSU does not have a set-in-stone passer for the potential 2020 season, at least we don’t have to cheer for the purple and gold team that is in an even more uneasy spot than us.

I happen to be all in on Jayden de Laura being our starter for this season. All of his highlights and stats coming out of Hawaii get me very excited to see what this kid can do at Martin Stadium under the big lights. In his senior season with the Saint Louis Crusaders, de Laura completed 229/319 for 3,442 yards and 31 touchdowns. He did throw 12 interceptions but as someone who wants to see him succeed, I am going to overlook that.  A dual-threat quarterback is exactly what Rolo will be looking for in his run-and-shoot style of play. What made me not able to stop watching his highlights were his rushing plays. Along with his passing stats, he carried the ball himself 88 times for 345 yards and 9 touchdowns (better than any active running back on his team). It has not been often that WSU has had rushing QBs but that was not as important with Mike Leach and his air-raid offense. If you cannot already tell, I am already a fanboy of him and  makes me very excited to see him sporting the best looking uniforms in college football.

Don’t worry, I understand that Cooper is older and has played in two of the annual Crimson and Gray games, but the results are not even close to the numbers he put up in high school. I only wish that the stud that threw for 11,372 yards and 118 touchdowns for Lehi high school in Utah could replicate it for WSU, but it has not happened yet. No disrespect to Cammon Cooper, but I just want to see for myself what level the Hawaiian schools are playing at. My one hope for Cooper is that brings back the beautiful head of lettuce that he was sporting his freshman year at WSU. If he does, then I will be okay with him starting.

People that I have discussed this with are telling me that I am crazy and there is no way Rolo would start a true freshman QB when there are already guys on the roster who are older and have more in-game experience. They have a more realistic view of the season, but with an asterisk being put on the season anyways, let’s see what this freshman can do.

I am not an expert in any way, but I am someone who really wants football and I want to be right more than anything. If the season ends up being cancelled due to Covid, all I can hope for is that De Laura will get his shot next season. So Rolo, if you are reading this, please help make my wish come true and I can tell my friends “told you so”.

(Photos by: Jack Ellis – Cougar Sports Network)

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