The Regret Seems to Be Setting in…

What type of shoes do you normally wear in the summer? flip-flops of course.

Now, what do you call the Big 10 and PAC 12 in the month of August? Postponed, but flip-flops would suffice.

I would love to have west coast college football back, but I just don’t think the conferences could survive the Twitterverse if they decided to go back on their decisions to cancel the season. The memes that are already being made about them are hilarious and give everyone a good laugh, but there is a level of sadness behind the comedic relief.

A November start date would be very interesting to say the least. Every football fan would have close to an unlimited amount of content starting next month with the NFL, ACC, Big 12, and the SEC until 2021 with the PAC 12 and Big 10. Some might even call it a fantasy (whatever you may be in to).

There were also talks about doing TWO Rose Bowls. One for the College Football Playoffs this fall, and one in the spring for the Big 10 and the PAC 12. I bet the CEO of the Rose Bowl would use a creative name for the second one, something like “The Rose Bowl 2” would shake some feathers.

But in my conversations with student athletes it seems like a pretty weird time especially when some sports are not even able to speak to their coaches and others are still getting tested for COVID. Some football players aren’t even in Pullman so either the PAC 12 is going to stay postponed until 2021 or they will just make the players move back with only 24 hours notice.

With Larry Scott at the helm, who knows what kind of nonsense gets thrown together. And at the core of it all – right now – the PAC 12 isn’t kicking off… and national headlines don’t care.

You think that might be indicative of a larger problem?

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