BLOG: Imagine Turning the Ball Over 3 Times Against the Cougs and being compared to Mariota…

Apparently forgot about the entire career of Justin Herbert. I personally thought Herbert was carried by his overfunded program in college, but to instantly compare Tyler Shough to Mariota – who got benched by RYAN TANNEHILL (who had to transition from wide receiver to quarterback in college) – is a burning hot take.

*This is a real headline*

Unless the Raiders’ Carr breaks down in before the playoffs, I doubt he will see any starting time. And not to get too far down the rabbit hole of roasting Mariota, but he was drafted behind a guy who’s potentially blind (Jameis Winston). I’m not trying to say someone who started his freshman year who now starters for the Chargers is better than someone who got benched by someone with artificial knees, but I just had to mention it.

Moving onto things that matter, Jayden de Laura exceeded everyone’s expectations against the 11th ranked school in the country – he went 25/39, for 321 yards, and two touchdowns. And unlike Shough, he threw 0 interceptions. He also threw a lead block for his running back. Dangerous – but he’s putting this team on his back so I don’t care.

Now the rest of the offense…

The defense?

They came out to start the game looking like a top unit in the country, but it started to fault towards the end of the 2nd quarter. They kept slipping throughout the second half. It was a great first quarter showing though, keeping the Ducks to just 7 points. I am excited to see this defense in action again and hopefully keep that first half fire burning the entire game – you wont win anything allowing 22 in the fourth isn’t sustainable.

But nonetheless, a big shoutout to CB Jaylen Watson. Shough wanted none of that business.

In all, I think the Cougs put on a valiant effort against the Ducks, and Rolo is showing that he has what it takes to find success in Pullman. But of course, there will always be people like the ones at who think any new Oregon QB is Heisman bound.

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